Dušan Galusek


Prof. Dušan Galusek, DrSc. Scientific Background: Ceramic composites, advanced ceramic materials, organic preceramic precursors, aluminate glasses. International projects: NATO SfP 981770, Light weight and transparent armours, 03/2006-03/2009, coordinator SAS-NSC JRP 2012/14, New rare earth-free inorganic phosphors for energy-saving lighting applications, zodpovedný riešiteľ. HORIZONT 2020, WIDESpREAD-1-2014 Teaming, Centre for functional [...]

Dagmar Galusková


Ing. Dagmar Galusková, PhD. Scientific background: material characterization (SEM EDS/WDS, ICP techniques) corrosion science (study of corrosion behavior of glass and ceramic material in aqueous environment) analytical chemistry (chemical characterization of bioglass, historical glass, advanced ceramic materials with ICP OES, MS including LA) International projects: HORIZONT 2020, WIDESpREAD-1-2014 Teaming, [...]

Branislav Hruška


Ing. Branislav Hruška, PhD. Scientific background:  materials identification especially with using of Raman Spectroscopy International projects: APVV SK-PL–18– 0062, Korózia historických skiel, 2019/2020, zodpovedný riešiteľ.  National projets: APVV-0487-11, Štruktúra a vlastnosti oxidových skiel určených na aplikácie v jadrovej energetike, 2012/2015, člen riešiteľského kolektívu. VEGA 1/0064/18, Korózia a zvetrávanie úžitkových [...]

Katarína Faturíková


Ing. Katarína Faturíková, PhD. Scientific background: Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy Electrical properties of Glass Inorganic-organic nanocomposite films Sol – Gel Method National projects: VEGA 1-0431-18, The relationship between composition, structure and properties of inorganic- organic nanocomposite films for protection of materials, 2018-2021; solutionist VEGA 1-0064-18, Corrosion and weathering of tableware [...]

Hana Kaňková


Ing. Hana Kaňková, PhD. Scientific background:  Chemical analysis International projects: APVV-17-0049 VEGA 1-0064-18 Corrosion and weathering of tableware glass VEGA 2/0026/17 Transparentné polyškrystalické keramické materiály so submikrónovou mikroštrukturou a luminiscenčnými vlastnosťami Vandini M., Chinni T., Galusková D., Kanková H. (2018). Glass production in the Middle Ages from Italy to [...]

Mariana Švančárková


Mgr. Mariana Švančárková, PhD. Work area: Ceramography, ion chromatography, glass coatings  National projects: VEGA 1/0431/18 The relationship between composition, structure and properties of inorganic-organic nanocomposite films for protection of materials, 2018-2021, member of the research team VEGA 1/0527/18 Long persistent phosphors based on stoichiometric aluminates and silicates for [...]

Jaroslava Michálková


Ing. Jaroslava Michálková, PhD. I finished my studies in the field of chemical technologies on Faculty of Industrial Technologies in Púchov. After my graduation, i worked as reasercher in VILA - Joint Glass Centre. I became a responsible worker for laboratory of corrosion tests. In addition to work in laboratory, i participate in [...]

Fatih Kurtuldu


Fatih Kurtuldu, MSc. Scientific background:  Bioactive glasses, nanoparticles, sol-gel method, 3-d bioprinting, tissue engineering, osteogenesis, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, mesoporous silica nanoparticles, drug delivery applications International projects: HORIZON 2020, WIDESPREAD-01-2016-2017-TeamingPhase2, Centre for functional and surface-functionalized glasses, 10.2017 – 08.2021, Trencin, Slovakia, PhD Student Publication activity:   Publications in scientific journals: 4 [...]

Beáta Pecušová


Ing. Beáta Pecušová, PhD. Scientific background: Preparation and characterisation of composite materials Study of thermal behaviour of glasses, glassceramics and ceramics materials /DSC, DTA and TG/ Study of thermo mechanical properties of advanced glass and ceramics materials Treatment and initial testing of samples before thermal analysis National projets: VEGA1/0589/17:Modifikácia [...]

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