Department of Biomaterials

The Department of Biomaterials focuses at in depth studies of various bioactive materials based on bioglass, bioceramic and biopolymers and their treatment and functionalisation with the aim of adding them new functionalities. Strong cooperation with the Institute of Biomaterials at the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg led by prof. A. R. Boccaccini, respected leading personality in the field, gives momentum to research activities. The main focus of the department is to overcome the limitations of bioglass and biomaterials in general. The second area includes addition of new functionalities to bioactive materials, with specific focus on therapeutic factors such as targeted drug release.

Head of Department:
Dr. Martin Michálek, Researcher


Dr. Zuzana Nesčáková , Researcher

Dr. Si Chen, Researcher

Dr. Zulema Vargas, Researcher

Dr. German Clavijo, Researcher

Dr. Eva Vidomanová

Dr. Fatih Kurtuldu