Rules for Cookies


A cookie is a small text file that is saved by the website in your computer or your mobile devices while browsed. Thanks to this file,  web site, for a certain period of time, stores information about your steps and preferences (such as your login name, language, font size and other display settings), so the next time you visit the site or review its individual pages you do not have to re-enter it.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

Verification – cookies we use to identify you when you visit our web pages, so we keep your display preferences, font size;

Analysis – we use cookies, which help us to analyze usage and performance of our web sites and services;

Consent with cookies – we use cookies in order to find out whether you have agreed (or have not agreed) to our using cookies on this website.

Cookies are used by our service providers

Our service providers use cookies that can be stored on your computer when you visit our web pages.

Web pages use analysis uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics collects information on using web pages of cookies. Rules on the protection of the personal data of Google are available at: Https://

Report cookies

You may delete cookies at your discretion. You may delete all cookies stored on your PC and most browsers can be set so that you make it impossible for data to be stored. In this case, at each visit; however, you will probably need to adjust a number of settings and some services and functions might not work. Methods for their administration will vary depending on your browser and browser versions. Blocking all cookies will have a negative impact on usability of many websites.