The overall objective:

Upgrade of the existing Centre of excellence for ceramics, glass and silicate materials (CEKSiM) in Trenčín, Slovakia, to an internationally recognized Centre for Functional and Surface-functionalized Glasses (FunGlass).

The partial goals within the frame of the following FPA action:

  • Establishment of the Centre for functional and surface-functionalized glasses, as the upgrade of the CEKSiM.
  • Creation of a system of incoming and outgoing management system for advanced research facilities.
  • Creation of a student and researcher exchange program for access to research facilities of all partners.
  • Building, re-construction, and adjustment of the premises for the Centre, including procurement of required research infrastructure.
  • Hiring the requested research and administration staff.
  • Completion of the interim training sessions of Slovak specialists on advanced research facilities in the advanced partners for knowledge transfer.
  • Creation of an international graduate school issuing joint diplomas.
  • Achievement of Center´s financial self-sufficiency.