Central laboratories

The Central laboratories of FunGlass manage large research infrastructure, which by its significance exceeds the focus of individual department. These include electron microscopy, thermal analysis, X-ray diffraction, and chemical analysis. Apart from its own research activities focused at arachaeometry and chemical analysis of historical glass, study of corrosion processes in biomaterials and development of new types of corrosion resistant layers for high temperature protection of metals, their research activities are horizontally related to all other research department providing expertise in selected experimental techniques.

Head of the Department:

Dr. Dagmar Galusková; Researcher

Researchers and technicians:

Dr. Lenka Buňová; Laboratory technician

Dr. Katarína Faturíková; Laboratory technician

Dr. Branislav Hruška; Researcher

Dr. Hana Kaňková; Researcher

Dr. Beáta Pecušová; Laboratory technician

Dr. Jaroslava Michálková; Laboratory technician

Dr. Aleksandra Nowicka; Laboratory technician

Bc. Rebeka Šimnová; Laboratory technician

Dr. Anna Švančárková; Laboratory technician

Dr. Mariana Švančárková; Laboratory technician