Dagmar Galusková, PhD.

Scientific background: 

Methodology support for testing of corrosion resistance and durability of silicate materials.

Glass (bioactive, historical, industrial…) chemical/surface characterization.

International projects:

APVV 22-0062, Reference glasses for analysis of strategic raw material 07/2023-06/2027 (principal investigator):

Development of glassy materials with potential as internal standards to be used in the analytical measurement process for the material science-field applications.

VEGA 1-0191/20, Bio-response and degradation properties of novel bioactive materials with additional functionalities, 01/2020-12/2023 (principal investigator):

The project aims to develop testing procedure for assessment of bio-characteristics of various biomaterials to gain the fundamental knowledge about mechanism and kinetics of their degradation and release of the therapeutic ions from bioactive glasses.

HORIZONT 2020 project research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 739566., 01/03/2017-31/12/2023 (researcher)

Publication activity: 

Scientific monographs:

  • Galusková, Dagmar and Galusek, Dušan (2021) Corrosion and Degradation of Glass. In: Pomeroy, M. (ed) Encyclopedia of Materials: Technical Ceramics and Glasses, vol. 1, pp. 932–940. Oxford: Elsevier. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-12-818542-1.00069-2
  • 1 chapter in (Lofaj F., Dusza J., Hvizdoš P., Lenčéš Z., Galusek D., Galusková D., Teória a technológia spracovania keramických materiálov, Trnava AlumniPress, ISBN 978-80-8096-126-8, 2010)
  • Publications in scientific journals 49 (WoS+Scopus)
  • Contributed lectures at conferences >10; invited (4)
  • Citations 409 (self-citation of all co-authors included)

The most significant publications:


  • Szuszkiewicz, A., Zelek-Pogudz, S., Stachowicz, M., Vašinová Galiová, M., Galusková, D., Gadas, P., Kaňková, H., Marciniak-Maliszewska, B., Nejbert, K., Gołębiowska, B., Korybska-Sadło, I., Sęk, M., Szełęg, E., Stadnicka, K.M., Woźniak, K. and Pieczka, A. (2023) Beryllosachanbińskiite-Na, IMA 2022-109. CNMNC Newsletter 72; Mineralogical Magazine, 87, https://doi.org/10.1180/mgm.2023.21


  • Galusková D, Kaňková H, Švančárková A, Buňová L, Galusek D. Direct monitoring of immediate release of Zn from zinc-doped bioactive glass. Int J Appl Glass Sci. 2022 ; 13: 476 – 483. https://doi.org/10.1111/ijag.16568
  • Anand, A.; Sengupta, S.; Kaňková, H.; Švančárková, A.; Beltrán, A.M.; Galusek, D.; Boccaccini, A.R.; Galusková, D. Influence of Copper-Strontium Co-Doping on Bioactivity, Cytotoxicity and Antibacterial Activity of Mesoporous Bioactive Glass. Gels 2022, 8, 743. https://doi.org/10.3390/gels8110743


  • Galusková, D.; Kaňková, H.; Švančárková, A.; Galusek, D. Early-Stage Dissolution Kinetics of Silicate-Based Bioactive Glass under Dynamic Conditions: Critical Evaluation. Materials 2021, 14, 3384. https://doi.org/10.3390/ma14123384
  • Fiorentino, S.; Chinni, T.; Galusková, D.; Mantellini, S.; Silvestri, A.; Berdimuradov, A. E.; Vandini, M.
  • On the Surface and Beyond. Degradation Morphologies Affecting Plant Ash ‐ Based Archaeological Glass from Kafir Kala (Samarkand, Uzbekistan). Minerals 2021, 11, 1364.  https://doi.org/10.3390/min11121364


  • Hnatko; M. Hičák; M. Labudová; D. Galusková; J. Sedláček; Z. Lences; P. Šajgalík, Bioactive silicon nitride by surface thermal treatment, Journal of the European Ceramic Society 40 (2020) 1848–1858
  • Nowicka, H.F. EL-Maghraby, A. Švančárková, D. Galusková, D. Galusek, H. Reveron, L. Gremillard, J. Chevalier, Corrosion and Low Temperature Degradation of 3Y-TZP dental ceramics under acidic conditions, Journal of the European Ceramic Society 40 (2020) 6114–6122


  • Szuszkiewicz, A. Pieczka, P. Gadas, M. Vašinová Galiová, E. Szełeg, B. Gołebiowska, D. Galuskova, First occurrence of mn-dominant cordierite-group mineral: Electron microprobe and laser ablation ICP-MS study, The Canadian Mineralogist Vol. 57, pp. 807-810 (2019)


  • Vetrecin, Z. Lenčéš, D. Galusková, P. Šajgalík, Hydrothermal corrosion resistance of silicon nitride with o’-sialon grain boundary phase, Ceramics-Silikáty 62 (4), 382-388 (2018)
  • Parchovianský, I. Petríková, G.S. Barroso, P. Švančárek, D. Galuskova, G. Motz, D. Galusek – Corrosion and oxidation behavior of polymer derived ceramic coatings with passive glass fillers on AISI441 stainless steel, Ceramics-silikaty, (2018)
  • Vandini M., Chinni T., Fiorentino T., Galusková D., Kaňková H., Glass production in the Middle Ages from Italy to Central Europe:the contribution of archaeometry to the history of technology, Chemical Papers  72 (9) 2159-2169 (2018)


  • Galuskova, D.; Gaalová, P.; Galusek, D.; Kováč J., Kováč P., Decisive influence of enamel surface layer on corrosion resistance and degradation of human teeth enamel in white wine, Ceramics-Silikaty 61 (3), 214-222 ( 2017) IF=0,439


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  • Parchovianský, G. Barroso, I. Petríková, G. Motz, D. Galusková, and D. Galusek, Polymer Derived Glass Ceramic Layers for Corrosion Protection of Metals, in: Advanced and Refractory Ceramics for Energy Conservation and Efficiency, Ceramic Transactions, 256 187-200 (2016)


  • Galusek, D. Galusková, Alumina matrix composites with non-oxide nanoparticle addition and enhanced functionalities, Nanomaterials 5, 115-143, (2015) IF=2,076
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  • Galusková, M. Hnatko, D. Galusek, P. Šajgalík, Corrosion of structural ceramics under sub-critical conditions in aqueous sodium chloride solution and in deionized water, Part I: Dissolution of Si3N4-based ceramics, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 94 [9]3035–3043(2011) IF=2,272
  • Galusková, M. Hnatko, D. Galusek, P. Šajgalík, Corrosion of structural ceramics under sub-critical conditions in aqueous sodium chloride solution and in deionized water, Part II: Dissolution of Al2O3-based ceramics, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 94 [9]3044–3052(2011) IF=2,272

Doctoral studies:

Study part: Profile subjects:

Inorganic technologies and materials II


Introduction to analytical methods, Methods of chemical analysis: ICP OES,

Scientific part:

Supervisor of PhD. students

Experimental work I-IX, Publication activity I and II, Active participation in a conference I and II



Philosophiae Doctor – PhD

PhD topic: „Corrosion resistance of ceramic materials“,

Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Bratislava, SK

Training institute: Institute of Inorganic Chemistry Slovak Academy of Sciences

Supervisor: Prof. P. Šajgalík

1991 – 1992


Diploma thesis: Determination of kinetic parameters of degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons

Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Bratislava, SK

Training institute: Institute of Water Research, Bratislava

scholarships and research stays:


Department of Cultural Heritage, University of Bologna, Ravenna campus: The scientific investigations in understanding the deterioration mechanism of ancient glasses


Technische Universität Darmstadt Institut für Material wissenschaft Fachgebiet Disperse Feststoffe Arbeits gruppe Polymer keramik, Darmstadt , Nemecko

DAAD project: Novel Hafnium Nitride- and Hafnium Diboride-Based Ceramic Nanocomposites – Preparation and High-Temperature Behaviour in Harsh Environments



Member of the “Scientific team of the year” awarded by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic


Competition award (second prize) for contribution entitled: Hydrothermal corrosion of alumina ceramics for geothermal energy harvesting, 3rd International sympozium on Advanced Ceramics and Technology for Sustainable Energy Application, Taiwan


  • Member of the “Research team of the year” of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.
  • Member of the “Scientific team of the year” awarded by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic

Other activities:

Member of Organisation Committees of 4 international conferences

Slovak Glass Society, member

Slovak Silicate Society, member

Organisation of junior FunGlass schools – propagation of material science

Ing. Dagmar Galusková, PhD.
Ing. Dagmar Galusková, PhD.
Head of Central Laboratories Department

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