Habilitation of Dr. José J. Velázquez García

That´s pleasure to announce that a habilitation lecture and defense of habilitation thesis of our colleague Dr. José J. Velázquez García, head of the Department of Functional Materials, took place on 21st April 2022 .

Title of the public habilitation lecture:

Rare-earth doped Sol-gel glass-ceramics: a new approach for optical materials 

Defense of the habilitation thesis entitled:

Nanostructure Oxyfluoride Glass-ceramics: Relationship between synthesis, processing and structural and optical properties

Documents to the application for initiating the habilitation procedure in the field of habilitation procedure: Inorganic technology and Materials of Dr. José J. Velázquez García: https://tnuni.sk/habilitacie-a-inauguracie/

Because the seating capacity was limited, the lecture and the defence were streamed through MS Teams and on-line through YouTube ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3VQlNk059Y )

Habilitation procedure verifies the scientific qualifications of the applicant, particularly based on the habilitation thesis and its defense and other scientific, and professional results, and his/her pedagogical qualifications based on the assessment of the habilitation lecture and previous teaching practice. After successful defence approved by the Habilitation committee and the Scientific Booard of the Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín, chair of the Scientific Board shall appoint the applicant to the title of associate professor.