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Jozef Kraxner, PhD.


Ing. Jozef Kraxner, PhD. Scientific background:   Inorganic technology and materials Glass Science Technology Basic, advanced and applied research in field of glass and ceramics The main research interests are glass properties, mainly in connection with the glass science and technology and cooperation with the glass industry in the following main research topics: [...]

Arish Dasan, PhD.


Arish Dasan, PhD. Scientific background: Additive manufacturing of glasses and ceramics Polymer derived ceramics Ceramic matrix composites Bioactive materials Titania-based nanocomposites Metal complexes of biological Interest International projects: HORIZON 2020, WIDESPREAD-01-2016-2017-TeamingPhase2, Centre for functional and surface-functionalized glasses, 3/2017 – 2/2024, Researcher. Agence Nationale de la Recherche under Contract No.ANR-12-BS08-004-02 as well (CollZSiC: [...]

Akansha Mehta, PhD.


Dr. Akansha Scientific background: Upcycling of waste glass and other industrial inorganic waste (particulary red/brown mud), Photocatalysis, Water treatment, Adsorption, Additive manufacuring, Highly porous ceramic membranes, Materials Characterization, Corrosion testing, Photoelectrochemistry, Hydrogen Production via water splitting.  International projects: HORIZON 2020, WIDESPREAD-01-2016-2017-TeamingPhase2, Centre for functional and surface-functionalized glasses, 3/2017 – 2/2024, Researcher. P2-0337; [...]

Diana Carolina Lago, PhD.


Diana Carolina Lago, PhD. Scientific background: Vitrification of simulated nuclear waste Stabilization of hazardous metals on glass matrices Design of adsorption process in porous materials Sintering of different glass systems Development of multifunctional materials by additive manufacturing technology Applied research in material science International projects: 2016-2018. IAEA ARG9014: Developing National Capacities in [...]

Dr. Anastasiia Novokhatska


Dr. Anastasiia Novokhatska Scientific background:  Functional ceramics SOFCs cathode materials Sintering process Microstructure characterization Magnetoresistive effect Conductivity mechanisms National projets: The State Fund of Fundamental Research of Ukraine (project N F-71), 2016-2017, a responsible executor Publication activity:  Publications in scientific journals: 10 Contributed lectures at conferences: 3 Citations: 29 (Research Gate) [...]

Paolo Scanferla, PhD.


Paolo Scanferla, PhD. Scientific background:  PhD in Industrial Engineering, Materials Engineering curriculum, specialization on Direct Ink Writing (Robocasting) of geopolymer matrix ceramic composites for brake pads application. Deep expertise on the optimization of geopolymer formulations for high temperature applications. International projects: “Investing in the Future Programme” (“Investissement d’Avenir”) – Selected under the [...]

Mokhtar Mahmoud, PhD.


Mokhtar Mahmoud, PhD. Scientific background: Inorganic chemistry Material science Specializing in the fabrication of glass microspheres for various applications in environmental and medical domains, expertise is harnessed in additive manufacturing methods like stereolithography, direct ink writing, and fused deposition modeling. Pioneering the creation of intricate components with unmatched precision and utility, a [...]

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