doc. Ing. Róbert Klement, PhD.


doc. Ing. Róbert Klement, PhD. Scientific background:  Physical Chemistry, Luminescent Materials, Spectroscopy (Photoluminescence, EPR, UV-VIS-NIR), Electrochemistry National projets:  VEGA 1/0603/09: Glass and glass-ceramic materials based on rare-earth aluminates with exceptional mechanical and optical properties, principal investigator, 2009-2011 VEGA 1/0631/14: Novel glass and glass-ceramic materials based on rare-earth aluminates for applications in white [...]

Dr. José Joaquín Velázquez García


Dr. José Joaquín Velázquez García Scientific background:  Sol-gel, Crystallization, Oxyfluoride and Semiconductor glass and glass-ceramics, optically active materials, porous materials, Functional materials for optics and energy. International projects: HORIZON 2020, WIDESPREAD-01-2016-2017-TeamingPhase2, Centre for functional and surface-functionalized glasses, 3/2017 – 2/2024, Researcher.  National projets: FIS2006-02980, Luminescent nano-structured glass-ceramics: a possible new generation of [...]

Mgr. Michal Žitňan, PhD.


Mgr. Michal Žitňan, PhD. Scientific background:   Sol-gel chemistry 2D printing Time-resolved fluorescence Fluorescence microscopy International projects: Excellent Teams – “Research on delivery systems focusing on advanced methods of fluorescence spectroscopy“, CZ.1.07/2.3.00/30.0005 and the project LO 1211 Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Czech Republic Cooperación estratégico entre España y Japón, Design, [...]

Mgr. Martin Blaško, PhD.


Mgr. Martin Blaško, PhD. Scientific background:  computational chemistry Publication activity:   Co-editor of Conference proceedings: 0 Scientific monographs: 0 Chapters in monogrphs: 0 Publications in scientific journals: 3 Contributed lectures at conferences: 1 Invited lectures: 0 Citations: 15 Other types of publications ... The most significant publications Antusek, A.; Blasko, M.; Urban, [...]

Dr. Orhan Sisman


Dr. Orhan Sisman Scientific background:  Metal oxide (MOX) nanostructures, glass ceramics, thin film deposition (PVD), nanomaterial synthesis, bottom-up approaches, hydrothermal, thermal oxidation, electrochemical deposition, surface modifications, material characterization, optical and electrical characterization, conductometric gas analysis, photocatalysts, water splitting, H2 production  International projects: HORIZON 2020, WIDESPREAD-01-2016-2017-TeamingPhase2, Centre for functional and surface-functionalized glasses, 02.2021 [...]

Dr. Surjyakanta Rana


Dr. Surjyakanta Rana Scientific background:  mesoporous silica, zirconia, CeO2, TiO2, layered double hydroxides, acid active clay materials (montmorillonite), carbon-based graphene materials, functionalization, nanomaterials, organo-inorganic hybrid materials, nanocomposite materials for energy and environmental applications Plasma catalytic reforming of CO2 over 3D printed catalyst/ supported Cu catalysts International projects: HORIZON 2020, WIDESPREAD-01-2016-2017-Teaming Phase 2, [...]

Gustavo Galleani


Gustavo Galleani Scientific background:  Rare-earth doped multifunctional glasses and optical glass fibers Oxyfluoride glass and glass ceramics prepared by conventional method Structural characterization of glass materials by NMR and Raman spectroscopies Development of special non-oxide glasses Development of glass scintillator for high-energy radiation sensing  Participation in international projects:  (2019 – 2020): Thermal [...]

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