New PhD Theses 2019/2020

More information about PhD. study program you can find here:

Here is the list of recent PhD theses for the Academic year 2019/2020:

  1. Corrosion and weathering of tableware glass
  2. Multifunctional glass coatings by sol-gel for different applications
  3. Multifunctional polymer-derived glass-ceramic coatings
  4. Transparent nano-glass ceramics for up and down conversion
  5. Second life of waste glasses. Application of glass microspheres in advanced 3d glass structures
  6. Geopolymer-like materials from engineered mixtures of inorganic waste
  7. Porous geopolymers from waste glass powders with engineered additives
  8. Characterization, functionalization and improvement of glasses for pharma
  9. Tailoring the dissolution kinetics of mesoporous ion-doped bioactive glasses under different conditions for drug delivery applications
  10. Advanced manufacturing of 3d scaffolds using solid, hollow and mesoporous bioactive glass microspheres
  11. Novel oxysulfides for nir mechanoluminescence and biomechanical imaging
  12. Interlayer adhesion in functional multilayer coatings on glass
  13. Oxide phosphors for solid state illumination and spectral conversion