Young Scientists Speech Contest of IIC SAS (Slovak Academy of Science)

We would like to congratulate our PhD student – Nurshen Mutlu for sharing 2nd place in the Young Scientists Speech Contest of IIC SAS, which was held on 5th October 2021.

The judging committee consists of scientists: Ing. Blanka Kubíková, PhD., RNDr. Jana Madejová, DrSc. , Ing. Anna Prnová, PhD., Ing. Zoltán Lenčéš, PhD., Mgr. Stanislav Komorovský, PhD.

Nurshen presented a part of her PhD study which is entitled “Preparation and Characterization of Chitosan-Zn complex for Wound Healing Applications”. The competition is held every year, even though it was interrupted last year due to COVID-19.

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