Visit at Nuova Ompi, Piombino Dese

On March 20 prof. Galusek and dr. Kraxner visited the company Nuova Ompi S.r.l. located in Piombino Dese, close to Padova, Italy. The company manufactures and supplies glass primary packaging for the global pharmaceutical industry. It offers ready-to-fill sterile primary packaging systems, such as vials and cartridges, prefillable sterile syringes, and glass containers. Nuova Ompi S.r.l. operates as a subsidiary of Stevanato Group S.p.A. During their visit they met prof. Fabio Nicoletti and dr. Annalisa Delnevo and her research team from the company, and prof. Massimo Gugliemi from the University of Padova. The whole day discussions were aimed at identification of possible topics on collaboartion. Both FunGlass representatives visited also production and research facilities of the company.