UPDATED measures in relation to corona virus outbreak

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News about situation in Slovakia: https://spectator.sme.sk/?ref=tlogo

Dear colleagues,

starting from April 1, the working arrangements are coming back to semi-normal as follows:


  1. Those researchers with the vacation still left from 2019 must spend those days preferentially.
  2. Others can come to the university if experimental work in laboratory is required. All work in laboratories must follow strict safety measures, i.e.:
    • wearing face masks and disposable gloves at all times
    • keeping safe distance from your colleagues (at least 2 m)
    • not more than 2 people in a lab at the same time
    • Lab managers are responsible for providing sufficient supply of disposable gloves. There is a shortage of face masks, so please bring and use your own face masks.
  3. All other works (data evaluation, writing of papers etc.) must be carried out at home.
  4. You will register your work as follows:
    • When coming to the university, use standard electronic system
    • If you stay at home, you will fill a special excel sheet where you will briefly specify your activity during the day. The sheet will be sent to you by Daniela asap.
    • The filled sheet for any respective week must be sent to your department head the following Monday.
    • Department heads are responsible for checking the quality of performed work.
  5. Please note: if you come to the university, the mensa will not work, so bring your own food and beverages.

PhD students:

  1. no contact tuition will be organized, and all tuition activities will be organized via Skype.
  2. The students can come to laboratories, if experimental work in laboratory is needed. The same safety rules apply as for the researchers.
  3. If experimental work is not necessary, the data evaluation, papers’ writing etc. must be done at home.

Administration and technicians:

  1. Based on the rector’s college decision, all start working 6 h daily, with Friday for home office
  2. However, we realize specifics of those our colleagues with small children: in that case we will make special arrangement, to create space both for their work, and care of the children. Please contact your supervisors to make the arrangements.

Thank you for your understanding.

Prof. Dušan Galusek