The second porogress meeting to the APVV-20-0322 project at FunGlass

The second progress meeting to the APVV-20-0322 project Nanostructured, functionally graded, and bioinspired 3D Ti-based implants was held on the 15th of February 2023 at FunGlass (Biomaterials department) after almost 2 years. The participants from Inorganic Chemistry of Slovak Academy of Science (Assoc. Prof. Zoltán Lenčeš, Assoc. Prof. Anna Kityk, Dr Michal Hičák), Biomedical engineering s.r.o. (Marek Schnitzer, Rastislav Penciak) and FunGlass (RNDr. Zuzana Neščáková, Dr. Martin Michálek, Dr. Germán Clavijo and MSc. Mina Abdolmaleki) were present. Presentations about the performed work led to the outlook for 2023 and some other possibilities for future collaboration were discussed as well.