The grant agency of the Slovak ministry of education approved for funding a new research grant for the FunGlass centre

The project No 1/0431/18 „The relationship between composition, structure and properties of inorganic-organic nanocomposite films for protection of materials“ led by Assoc prof. Alfonz Plško, acting head of the Department of Coatings reacts to the world wide spread research in the sphere of nanomaterials and the attention aid to their application as films in the area of material protection. The investigation is focused on inorganic-organic nanocomposite film prepared by „nanobuilding blocks“ process for protection of materials. The resistance to water, corrosion medium and adherence of biofilms is studied. The investigation is focused on research of the composite-structure-properties relationships of given nanomaterials while the attention is paid to the utilisation of the fundamental theoretical knowledge which can enable generalisation. The quantification of the composite-structure-properties relationships will be carrierd out by modern mathematical-statistical evaluating methods which make possible to create such models which can be applicable for generalisation and prediction.