Proposal for publishing a book

We would like to congratulate our colleagues – Dr. A. H. Pakseresht and Dr. O. Sharifahmadian from the Department of Coating Processes.

Their proposal for publishing a book entitled: “Tribology in Coatings and Surface Treatment: Technology, Properties, and Applications”, has been approved by IGI Global, USA, an international publisher of progressive academic research.

The main aim of this book is to evaluate the latest advances in applying the coatings and surface treatments by different techniques to reduce the damages from tribology. The authors will try to help the reader in finding more detailed information to compare the capability of each coating process in wear resistant and lubrication applications. They will focus on different main concepts of tribology in various applications such as manufacturing process, bio implants, machine elements, corrosive environment. The need for a comprehensive study on all main surface engineering processes in order to improve the wear resistant is unavoidable, which will be addressed in this book.

The book will be suitable for researchers in different fields of the science such as materials science, physics, chemistry, biomedical and even for engineers in industries such as manufacturing process and petrochemical who involves with tribology and surface engineering.