Short term scientific mission of Natinael Koyra, Wroclaw University ofscience and technology, Poland at FunGlass

Based on the cooperation between the University of Padua and AGC interpane, Natinael Koyra was able to spend his mandatory short-term scientific mission abroad right at our workplace in Trenčín.
He is finishing his last semester of masters at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Faculty of chemistry, Department of chemistry and engineering of advanced materials. The topic of his master’s thesis is Industrial standard diamond-like carbon thin film coated on silk fabric by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition technique for biomedical applications.
Natinael was working under the supervision of Dr. Omid Sharifahmadian at the Department of coating processes for 3 weeks (10th – 31st of May, 2022).

We hope that the research visit will enhance networking and long-term collaboration between our institutions.

Natinael’s impression of his stay:

During my three-week short-term scientific mission in FunGlass, Trencin, Slovakia, I was truly impressed by the rich academic and cultural experience it offered. The city itself, with its picturesque setting and historical charm, provided an inspiring backdrop for my research endeavors. The scientific community in Funglass was welcoming and supportive, allowing me to engage with accomplished researchers and experts in my field. Collaborating with them only broadened my knowledge but also provided valuable insights and perspectives that I wouldn’t have gained elsewhere. The exchange of ideas and expertise was both intellectually stimulating and rewarding.

The research facilities and resources available in FunGlass were top-notch. The well-equipped laboratories and advanced technologies enhanced my ability to conduct experiments and gather data effectively. The supportive staff and researchers in the scientific institutions were always ready to assist and guide me throughout my mission, ensuring a smooth and productive experience. Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this vibrant scientific community and the unforgettable memories it has left me with.