Reserachers´ career development at FunGlass Centre

It is our pleasure to announce that our colleagues, Robert Klement, PhD. and Mária Chromčíková, PhD. were awarded titles of “Associate Professor” in the field of Anorganic technology and materials at the meeting of Scientific Board of Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín held on November 29, 2018.

This decision was made upon fulfilment of all TnUAD criteria for obtaining the scientific – pedagogical degree of  “Associate Professor” in the field of Anorganic technology and materials and the requirements set by the Ministry of Education Decree no. 6/2005 Coll..

The approval of Scientific Board of TnUAD was preceded by successful defense of habilitation theses of both applicants in the following research areas:

Robert Klement, PhD. – Photoluminescence properties of activators doped glass and polycrystalline systems for solid state lighting applications

Maria Chromčíková, PhD. – Structure and properties of oxide glasses

Both colleagues will officially be awarded the “Associate Professor” title upon the Rector’s Decree, which should be issued within 2 months of the decision of the TnUAD Scientific Board.

Our congratulations also go to other researchers: Dagmar Galusková, PhD., Monika Michálková, PhD., Jozef Kraxner, PhD. and Martin Michálek, PhD. who obtained the Scientific Qualification Degree IIa (Independent Scientific worker) awarded by Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava upon fulfillment of all relevant criteria.