On the occasion of the Week of Science and Technology in Slovakia, the Rector of  A. Dubček University of Trenčín, Jozef Habánik, gave out the awards to researchers, teams and employees from all university faculties and workplaces, who have significantly contributed to the quality of scientific activity, publishing and infrastructure development in the past period.

We are pleased to announce that three people from our center were awarded:

Dr. Branislav Hruška

  • for publication activity (5 first-author articles and co-author of 7 others registered in WoS)
  • for his project leadreship and coordination, for his active membership of several research teams (APVV SK-PL-18-0062, APVV-0487-11, VEGA 1/0064/18, VEGA 1/0527/18 a VEGA 1/0431/18, CEGLASS)
  • for the cooperation with industry (custom measurements, consultations and administrative support)
  • for his participatio in the creation and implementation of a quality system in the department of Central Laboratories
  • he is administrator responsible for training and operation of five instrumental techniques classified in FunGlass as a “high priority research facility” and two research laboratories

Dr. Zuzana Neščáková

  • for publication activity
  • for the organization of the „Visiting scientist program“ in FunGlass
  • for establishment of laboratories for biological testing (cell culture laboratory and microbiological laboratory
  • for the preparation and cooperation in submitting new projects
  • fot ensuring cooperation with the Faculty of Healthcare of out University, and other universities in the Slovak Republic
  • assistance in supervising PhD students

Dr. Ali Talimian

  • for publication activity (4 first-author articles, co-author of publication registered in WoS), 7 citations (SCI)
  • for active preparation and cooperation in submitting VEGA 2/0028/21 project, memeber of research team