Rector of the University of Trencin has ordered measures related to the non-spread of possible infection (COVID-19)

In connection with preventive measures against the spread of a possible disease to coronavirus, the Rector issued this regulation (valid from March 11th till March 23rd):

  • Teaching process in classes is cancelled and will be replaced by online study with an emphasis on self-study.
  • Communication with Admission office and University employees should be hold in electronic or telephone form.
  • Special regime in dormitories: visits at dormitory are forbiden. In case of infection, students must be quarantined and the dormitory will be closed.
  • Recommended is canceling the invitation of foreign students and teachers from coronavirus confirmed areas during the summer semester of academic year 2019/2020
  • All public events and meetings in University space are cancelled
  • Business trips to the risk countries are prohibited, domestic business trips are not recommended.
  • Students and employees, who return from countries with confirmed COVID 19 have to limit contacts with other students and colleagues for at least 14 days.
  • Students and staff of University who notice typical symptoms of the disease in themselves had to contact a doctor and inform your dpt. head/supervisor.

For updated iformations, please, check your university e-mails regularly.

Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus (WHO)