Workshop on Correlative AFM in SEM image & data processing:

FunGlass researchers and PhD students attended on the 30th of March free online workshop on Correlative AFM in SEM image & data processing, which was organized by  NenoVision, Brno (Czech Republic), via Micrososft Teams.

During the workshop participants have found out more about complex image acquisition by unique AFM for SEM LiteScope™, and the possibilities of its processing via MountainsSPIP® software.

To all the users was prepared a free LiteScope data set & MountainsSPIP trial, to allow them to try on their own the work with different data channels simultaneously measured by LiteScope and their processing by MountainsSPIP.

Webinar program:

  1. Introduction
  2. Example of complex data acquisition by AFM for SEM LiteScope™ (Jan Neuman, NenoVision)
  3. How to process acquired data sets using MountainsSPIP® software (Arnaud Viot, Digital Surf)
  4. Summary
  5. Q&A

List of FunGlass personnel participated in the training:

  • Prof. Marek Liska
  • Dr. Ali Talimian
  • Dr. Ali Najafzadeh
  • Dr. Zulema Vargas
  • Dr. Orhan Sisman
  • Dr. Mahdi Alebrahim
  • Dr. Peter Svancarek
  • Marzieh Ghadamyari
  • Maryam Vakhshouri
  • Mai – Phuong Truong
  • Peter Otrubcak