Parisa Moghaddam presented FunGlass at ECSSC 2023

On July 9-12, 2023, the 18th European Conference on Solid State Chemistry (ECSSC 2023) was held in Prague, Czech Republic, with the nice motto: Nothing will persist forever, unless it is solid. The conference was a forum for the presentation of new research results in the area of solid state chemistry and also bridge the gap between scientific understanding and technical requirements and application, so that the enormous future potential of solid state chemistry, materials and technologies, was realized effectively. Recently, especially materials for better energy efficiency are amongst the most investigated systems. Also, the question of resources and renewables has become prominent for materials research.

Our PhD student Parisa Moghaddam participated with her poster entitled “Synthesis and characterisation of lanthanum zirconate as a candidate filler material for polymer derived ceramic coatings”.