2nd round of PhD admission procedure is open

On March  30-31 the first round of PhD admission interviews was realized. 11 topics have been already taken but there is still a chance to join the second round. More information you can find here: https://www.funglass.eu/study-programs/doctoral-study-phd/

Here is the list of recent available PhD theses for the Academic year 2020/2021:

  1. Advanced materials with eutectic microstructure for high temperature and functional applications
  2. Transparent polycrystalline materials with additional optical functionalities
  3. Acid corrosion surface modification of zirconia-based dental materials for enhanced biological properties
  4. Corrosion kinetics and study of tableware glass native surface morphology using advanced spectral methods
  5. Structure and properties of bioactive glasses doped with ions with potential therapeutic and antibacterial effects
  6. Novel oxysulfides for NIR mechanoluminescence and biomechanical imaging
  7. Interlayer adhesion in functional multilayer coatings on glass
  8. Multifunctional polymer-derived glass-ceramic coatings
  9. Geopolymer-like materials from engineered mixtures of inorganic waste
  10. Characterization, functionalization and improvement of glasses for pharma
  11. Preparation and study of selected mechanical and optical properties of glassceramics materials in Al2O3-RE2O3 system
  12. Advanced manufacturing of 3D scaffolds using solid, hollow and mesoporous bioactive glass microspheres
  13. Hybrid polymer-nanocomposites via embedding various bioactive glass nanoparticles prepared by sol-gel method for bone tissue engineering
  14. Multifunctional glass-composite scaffolds for tissue regeneration
  15. Degradation properties of novel bioactive materials with additional functionalities
  16. Translucent luminescent glass-ceramic materials sintered in viscous flow
  17. Development of corrosion resistant polymer derived ceramic coatings on stainless steel substrates
  18. Microstructural study and thermal shock behavior of thermal barrier coating reinforced with YSZ fiber
  19. Evaluation of Glass –ceramic multilayer thermal barrier coating
  20. Corrosion behavior of NiTi alloy coated by silicon glass-based and hydroxyapatite composite