Junior scientists at FunGlass again (July 11- 15, 2022)

The “junior FunGlass school (jFGs)” organized by the Department of Central Laboratories , aims to promote and bring material science to children the age ranging from 6 to 10. They become junior scientists experiencing lectures and a laboratory environment. The jFGS is planned to cover the multidisciplinary approach in the research of historical glasses and other silicate materials. In cooperation with Biomaterials and Glass processing department, the young participants will experience the tasks covering the various fields: archeology, microbiology, analytical chemistry, microscopy. The primary goal is to provoke their fantasy, creativity, and observation skills. Children are divided into small groups tutored by a researcher, who will assist them in accomplishing their tasks. The theoretical part is covered by short interactive lectures crosslinked with the experimental laboratory tasks. Each day starts with a short introduction, where the scientific background and experiments are explained appropriately to their age. During school, they will be introduced to the basics of the history of glass, characterization techniques, and experience the laboratory environment.

And we are pleased to announce that jFGS project has been selected among 90 successful  IYOG  grant applicants and will be fully funded by this grant. Congratulations!

jFGs 2020: https://www.funglass.eu/junior-funglass-school-successfully-completed/