ICC7 2018 congress in Brasil with a FunGlass representative

The International congress on ceramics ICC2018 (http://www.icc7.com.br) organised by the Brasilian Ceramic Society on June 17-21 in Foz do Iguaçú with the motto „Ceramizing the Future for a Sustainable Society“. FunGlass was represented at the event by its director, prof. Galusek, who delivered an invited talk in the session on polymer derived ceramics. His contribution co-authored also by I. Petríková, M. Parchovianský, G.S. Barroso, P. Švančárek, D. Galuskova, and G. Motz, was entitled “High temperature oxidation behaviour of thick polymer derived glass-ceramic coatings on stainless steel”. Apart from scientific programme, prof. Galusek also attended a

workshop organised by the member of the FunGlass International advisory Board, and director of the Brasilian Center for Research, Technology and Education in Vitreous Materials – CeRTEV, prof. Edgar D. Zanotto. During the workshop prof. Galusek had an opportunity to inform the attendance on the FunGlass centre and its achievements, and discuss with professor Zanotto the opportunities for further collaboration between the two centres.