Funglass’s first ‘graduate’

We would like to happily announce that FunGlass has its first ‘graduate’ of one year training at a partner institution: Dr. Zuzana Neščáková just completed and returned back from her long term training that she underwent at The Institute of Biomaterials at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg, one of the partner institutions.

The institute led by prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini  provided Dr. Neščáková with an intensive one year  research training focused on the development of bioactive glasses. Training included techniques of glass synthesis by sol-gel methods and further characterization of proposed material from the morphological, chemical and biological point of view. Also, the part of the training was a fabrication of bioactive glass-based scaffolds obtained with foam replica technique and preparation of electrospun fibrous composite.

Being a member of FunGlass research team provides many opportunities for personal growth not only to researchers but also to PhD students. They have access not only to excellent research infrastructure of FunGlass in Trencin, Slovakia, but also to both long and short term trainings and internships with international partners in Germany, Italy and Spain under supervision of leading scientists in the fields of Biomaterials, Glass Processing, Coatings and Functional Glasses.

Dr. Neščáková, welcome back!