I. Sokolov from VUT CEITEC Brno on short term stay in FunGlass:

We are pleased to inform that FunGlass will host Ilya Sokolov from VUT CEITEC Brno (Czech Republic) for a short term stay covered by JECS Trust mobility grant. The aim of his work in FunGlass will concern on De-agglomeration of YAG powder.

The JECS Trust programme was formally set up in December 2007 to oversee the expenditure of funds passed on to the European Ceramic Society (ECerS) by the Society’s Journal and by its publisher, Elsevier.

In its allocation of the Trust’s resources, the Trust Council aims :

  • To enable the European Ceramic Societies to engage in a broad range of activities for the benefit of its membership.
  • To strengthen research and teaching in Europe within the subject of ceramics.
  • To maintain and build on the current strong position of the Journal.

The main focus in the expenditure of Trust money is towards student/young researcher activities.

This stay is also an example of good, long-term cooperation between FunGlass Trencin and CEITEC VUT Brno, which is a part of CEITEC’s “scientific Centre of excellence” founded in 2016 and formed a key component of research infrastructure with facilities and conditions for both basic and applied research in advanced nanotechnology and micro-technology and advanced materials.