FunGlass participation in DGG annual meeting in Bayreuth

From May 27 till May 30 the researchers and PhD students from FunGlass team participated at the DGG annual meeting in Bayreuth, Germany, jointly organised by the German Glass Society, Czech Glass Society and Slovak Glass Society. The FunGlass team included the FunGlass director prof. Galusek, head of the Department of Functional Glass, dr. Klement, researcher from the Department of Coatings, dr. Parchovianský, and three PhD students, Mr. Chrást., Mr. Kurtuldu, and Ms. Petríková. Together, they presented three lectures and two posters. Prof. Galusek, together with another project co-director, prof. Wondraczek from Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany, co-organised the session on functional glasses. In addition, prof. Boccaccini from the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, another FunGlass project co-director, organised the conference session on bioglass. Ms. Petríková, the PhD student of prof. Galusek, placed second in the student poster competition with the poster „Preparation and characterization of precursor derived ceramic coatings with glass filler particles on steel substrate“, co-authored by I. Petríková, M. Parchovianský, P. Švančárek, G. Motz, D. Galusková, and D. Galusek. Congratulations!