Dzmitry Baihazin – Erasmus student- gains experience at Funglass

Dzmitry Baihazin is a new member of FunGlass team from the beginning of February. He is a 4rd-year student of the 1st stage of higher education, Department of glass and ceramics technology of the Belarusian State Technological University. His specialty is “Chemical technology of inorganic substances, materials and products” (specialization: “Technology of fine functional and building ceramics”) and at FunGlass he is under program Erasmus+ traineeship scholarship. The field of Dzmitry’s scientific research includes physico-chemical basis for obtaining of porous bioactive ceramic materials for bone implants.

Dzmitry’s training at FunGlass is focused on research activities in the field of synthesis of hydroxyapatite.

 Dzmitry Baihazin said that the stay at the FunGlass will play a significant role in his future career. And in addition to his results, he will receive a wonderful two-month life experience in a European country with a rich history and culture.

He will stay at Funglass till the end of March 2020.