Dr. J. Velázquez García back to Slovakia

It is a pleasure to inform that Dr. José J. Velázquez, one of our researchers at Department of Coatings, has successfully complete his one year of training in Spain.

Dr. Velázquez has joined one of the partner institutions, the Ceramic and Glass Institute, Spanish National Research Council, on May 2018. During his training period, he worked in the GlaSS group, led by Prof. Alicia Durán and conducted his research on the synthesis and processing of porous materials for optical applications. Moreover, he focused on the development of sol-gel oxyfluoride glass-ceramics with high content of optically active media by different processing methods, such as slow dry following by adequate heat treatments or supercritical drying route. Dr. Velázquez is willing to continue his work following the same direction, as well as in the development of new synthesis of rare-earth ions doped oxyfluoride glass-ceramics by using nanoparticles obtained by a charge transfer complex process and subsequent incorporation in a silica matrix for different optical applications.