Dr. Anastasiia Novokhatska from Ukraine joined FunGlass team

Anastasiia Novokhatska received her Ph.D. in the in Physical and Mathematical Sciences from Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering named after O. Galkin and Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Material Science of NAS of Ukraine in 2019 with the thesis “The effect of excess manganese on the formation of the structure and magnetoresistive properties of doped manganites”. During her Ph.D. work she has studied the evolution of the structure and magneto transport properties of rare based doped manganites from a nanoscale powder to the ceramics at the different content of dopants and the sintering temperature. She has hands on experience in the obtaining of the functional ceramics and composite ceramics of cathode/electrolytes for SOFCs, pretreating workpieces, ceramics microstructure characterization, electrical and magnetic properties measurements, data-analysis and modeling of conductivity processes in ceramics.

For years of her Ph.D. work, she has published more than ten research articles as first author and co-author too, participated in several international meetings and conferences. She was awarded Fellowships for young scientists by Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering named after O. Galkin (2013 – 2014) and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (2016-2018), Dr. Karl Mey-Scholarship the participation in conference. She is an active member on the Ukrainian Physical Society since 2015 and the European Ceramic Society since 2022.

Her research focus will be on application of additive manufacturing in the SOFCs technology and Ion chromatography.

She joined the Department of Glass processing in the beginning of April.

Welcome to FunGlass, Anastasiia, we wish you all the best.