Department of Glass Processing has got a new member

Dr. Akansha received her Ph.D. from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology Patiala, INDIA in October, 2018 entitled with the thesis topic “Catalytic and Optical Application of Metal oxide and Carbon Dot Nanostructures: Effect of Morphology and Concentration”.  The highlights of her Ph.D. involves the:  Research of photocatalytic reactions related to the cleavage of water molecules,  Engineered elongated interfaces for the effective charge transfer and bandgap modification, Exploration of some of the critical mechanisms for the water-splitting process to boost up the quantum efficiency, Water treatment and toxic pollutant decontamination by photocatalytic degradation using the as-prepared sunlight active metal-Semiconductor nanostructures, Photocatalytic industrial organic reactions, nitro aromatic reductions and hydrogenation.

She has designed some interesting core shell luminous carbon dots- gold nanoparticles system for the optical detection of various amino acids, enzymes, thiol and pentids drug. Also, “Kill Waste by Waste’’ methodology to the tackle three most impactful environmental issues within the same reaction by using the concept of three R i.e. Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. Though she is from a chemistry background, she has thoughtful concerns about environmental applications. She believes in green methodologies to change from traditional methodologies to those more sustainable.

Dr. Akansha, welcome to FunGlass centre!