Biomaterials project meeting at NTU Taipei

Prof. Galusek, Dr. Michálek, and dr. Galusková met on November 5th the project partners of the joint SAS-MOST project Scaffolds and biocomposites for tissue regeneration, prof. Wei-Hsing Tuan from the National Taiwan University and prof. Shao-Ju Shih from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. During the project meeting they discussed the project progress, and planned future work. The members of the FunGlass team had also an opportunity to visit the partners’ experimental facilities, and to hear the presentations of students from both Taiwanese groups. Prof. Galusek presented an overview of FunGlass research activities, while dr. Michalek focused in his presentation the achievements of the Department of Biomaterials. Dr. Galusková in her presentation outlined various strategies for evaluation of corrosion resistance of different inorganic non-metallic materials.