Big day for our PhD students

We are pleased to announce that all Phd students have successfully passed the minimal thesis exams by presenting their dissertation projects.

  • Ajitha Haritha Haridasan with topic: Multifunctional glass coatings by sol-gel method for different applications, supervisor: Dr. Jose Velázquez
  • Udhaya Kumar Aruchamy with topic: Corrosion protection of metals using integrated self-healing systems, supervisor: prof. Dusan Galusek
  • Nguyen Mai Phuong Truong with topic: Transparent nano-glass-ceramics for up- and down- conversion, supervisor: assoc. prof. Robert Klement
  • Akrity Anand with topic: Tailoring the dissolution kinetics of mesoporous ion-doped bioactive glasses under different conditions for drug delivery applications, supervisor: Dr. Dagmar Galusková
  • Mokhtar Mahmoud with topic: Second life of waste glasses, application of glass microspheres in advanced 3D glass structures, supervisor: Dr. Josef Kraxner

Congratulations and we wish you success in your future research work!

Udhaya Kumar Aruchamy

Nguyen Mai Phuong Truong

Akrity Anand

Mokhtar Mahmoud