Asghar Esknadarinia´s training at FunGlass

Asghar Esknadarinia is a new member of the FunGlass team from the beginning of July. Currently, he is a researcher and conducts research under the supervision of Dr. Si Chen from the Department of the Biomaterials at FunGlass under the National Scholarship Programme (NSP).

He has graduated with his master’s degree in Biomaterial in 2018 at Isfahan University of Medical sciences (Iran). The field of Asghar’s scientific researches includes biopolymers, tissue regeneration, and biomaterials. He has worked on the design and fabrication of synthetic materials and natural polysaccharides in wound healing. Also, he has good experience in various fabrication techniques especially in solvent casting, electrospinning, salt leaching.

Asghar´s training at FunGlass is focused on gaining skills and knowledge in the field of biopolymers and the preparation of self-healing hydrogel for biomedical applications.

He will be staying at Funglass till the end of November 2021.