Congratulations to the Department of Biomaterials!

We would like to inform you that the project BIOSDEN: “Multifunctional bioactive coatings for Ti- and Zr- based dental
  (APVV-SK-CN-21-0022) has been approved.

The project was prepared by teams of Department of Biomaterials, FunGlass and Nanjing Medical University (NJMU), China.

The proposed project will lead to the enhancement of the bio-compatibility and biological response of bio-inert titanium and zirconia implants by the application of bioactive coatings with functional features towards better osteoinduction and inflammability. The bioactive coatings materials used in the project are divided into two main groups:

I)  Bioactive spherical glasses fabricated by melt quenching method and flame synthesis.
II) Sol-gel derived bioactive glass doped with therapeutic inorganic ions such as Ag, Cu, Co.

Introduction of the bioactive coatings through the convenient and simply scalable dip-coating and electrophoretic deposition techniques should allow to      provide a highly tailorable system for modification of implants bioinert surface without the necessity for further additional medical treatment.

The partner institutions will share and exchange knowledge (FunGlass Slovakia – production and characterization of bioactive glass and NJMU China – in vitro and in vivo testing, respectively) in order to make progress in addressing the project’s subobjectives.

Congratulations to:

  • Martin Michalek
  • Si Chen
  • Zulema Vargas
  • Eduin Gonzalez
  • Zuzana Nescakova
  • Fulden Dogrul
  • Nurshen Mutlu
  • Fatih Kurtuldu