Sport Day at FunGlass

Friday, February 8, 2019 was a Fun day at FunGlass as together with colleagues from Institute of Inorganic Chemistry in Bratislava we held common Sports Day!

The event took the place at premises of M-sport indoor centre in Trenčín, where we had a chance to play squash, ping-pong, bowling, or – the most popular activity with long year tradition – sign-up for badminton challenge cup tournament.

As during previous years, after the first round of games, participants continued in competing for the ‘Big badminton cup’and the ‘Small badminton cup’. The results follow:

‘Big badminton cup’

  1. Dušan Galusek, FunGlass Trenčín
  2. Blanka Kubíková, IICh Bratislava
  3. Peter Tatarko, , IICh Bratislava

‘Small badminton cup’

  1. Radoslav Varga, FunGlass Trenčín
  2. Ingrid Hierwegová, FunGlass Trenčín
  3. Miroslav Boča, IICh Bratislava

Congratulations to all winners & big thanks for good mood and fair-play to all participants 🙂

Special thanks goes to Matej Drobny, photographer and video producer 🙂 – please, check out the link