2nd Annual Meeting of International Board

It is with pleasure that we can report on 2nd annual meeting of International Board (IAB) held on November 8, 2018 in Trencin, Slovakia.

The meeting was led by prof. Dušan Galusek, the Director of FunGlass, who described Centre´s research activities including information about ongoing research projects, publications, training activities and PhD study program.

The following presentation was presented by Mr. Peter Hostak who spoke about autonomy of the Centre, networking activities, recruiting process of researchers / PhD students and issues relating to Complementary funding (budget, new equipment). He also explained basic information about the structure of Marie Sklodowska Curie Activities (MSCA), its role and phases of a new prepared MSCA project (implementation, financial aspects and proposal evaluation).

Mr. Peter Otrubcak, in his presentation, focused on upcoming challenges for Nanotechnologies, Advanced materials, Biotechnology and Advanced manufacturing and Processing (NMBP) as a program of Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies (Horizon 2020). He informed about rules of this program and actual Call topics.

The agenda of meeting covered variety of issues related to FunGlass project and also resulted into discussion touching on areas where IB members can provide their support, such as possible PhD topics and cooperation in MSCA project. Hot topics for research might be better knowledge of glass surface and chemical composition/bonding, detailed investigation of glass structure and study of minor adjustment of chemical composition of new glasses.

The meeting was attended by:

FunGlass Centre representatives: Peter Hošták, PhD., Andrea Chrastinová, PhD., Robert Klement, PhD., Andrea Stropková, MBA, Mgr. Peter Otrubčák, Dr. Radoslav Varga, Jozef Kraxner, PhD. (via Skype), Martin Michálek, PhD. (via Skype)

Scientific Board members: Prof. Enrico Bernardo (University of Padova, Italy), Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini (FAU Erlangen – Nürnberg, Germany), Dr. Liliana Liverani (FAU Erlangen – Nürnberg, Germany) – All via Skype

Industrial Board members:  Alessandro Bandini (Colorobbia Italia S.p.A, Italy), Fabiano Nicoletti (Nuova OMPI, Italy), Monique Comte (Corning France, France),  Peter Vrábel (RONA, a. s., Slovakia), Rastislav Krejčí (Johns Manville Slovakia, a. s., Slovakia), Juraj Golej, on behalf of Milan Kňažek (Vetropack Nemšová, s. r. o., Slovakia), Jan Bensch, on behalf of Erik Muijsenberg (Glass Service, a. s., Czech Republic)