Welcoming Distinguished Scientists from São Paulo State University

At the beginning of July, we welcomed guests Prof. Marcelo Nalin and Dr. Silvia Helena Santagneli from São Paulo State University, Brazil (UNESP). They currently work at the Chemistry Institute and conduct research in glasses, nanotechnology, inorganic chemistry, and materials chemistry.

Prof. Nalin will give a lecture titled “Heavy Metal Oxide Glasses and Glass-Ceramics for Sensing Applications,” and Dr. Santagneli spoke about “Structural Elucidation by Solid-State NMR of Phosphate-Based Glass Materials.

UNESP currently has 33 teaching, research, and extension units across 23 campuses spread throughout inland and coastal cities, as well as the city of São Paulo. It boasts a total of 1,900 laboratories, 30 libraries, two hospitals, three animal hospitals, five farms, and seven complementary units.

According to the QS World University Ranking, UNESP is the fifth most important university in Brazil, 11th in Latin America, 29th in the BRICS countries, and 482nd in the world.