FunGlass visit in CEPLANT, Brno

FunGlass researchers MSc. Aruchamy, Dr. Neščáková, Dr. Parchoviansky, Dr. Velazquéz visited the CEPLANT centre in Brno, Česká republika, to see the possibilities in plasma processing.

CEPLANT is R&D Centre for Low Cost Plasma and Nanotechnology Surface Modifications ( ). In this centre, the researchers are working with wide spectrum of low-cost and commercial plasma generators. The facilities for plasma diagnostics, thin film deposition and surface analysis are provided. Assoc. Prof. Dušan Kováčik introduced the centre by presentation and lab tour. CEPLANT team Dr. Kelar, Dr. Štepánová, MSc. Sihelník and others demonstrated work on different plasma generators and provided analyses of treat samples (glasses, metals, polymers). The visiting researchers got the possibility to work with proper samples and discussed the potential application to material processing in the FunGlass Center.