Short-Term Training of Researcher Zulema Vargas in Spain

Dr. Zulema Vargas, from Biomaterials deprtment, completed her three-month research stay at The Institute of Materials (iMATUS) in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, from April to June. This stay was funded by the FunGlass Project and the European BOW (Biogenic Organotropic Wetsuits) project (FET-PROACTIVE; Ref. 952183)

During her stay, Zulema collaborated with Emeritus Prof. José Rivas and Dr. Yolanda Piñeiro, leveraging their expertise and iMATUS’s advanced facilities.

Zulema worked on the BOW project, which aims to develop hybrid magnetic nanoparticles with extracellular vesicle membranes. These nano-bio-devices are designed to evade the immune system and incorporate theragnostic capabilities. Her specific focus was on creating fluorescent magnetite structures with mesoporous silica coatings to enhance drug delivery, biocompatibility, and cell responses for biomedical solutions.

It is expected that this research at iMATUS can significantly impact therapeutic applications. Previous experience with the NANOMAG Group has facilitated strong collaboration with iMATUS. Future projects may include injectable therapies, 3D-bioprinted theragnostic materials, and inorganic bio-coated components for tissue engineering. Zulema is optimistic about continuing this collaboration and applying for EU-funded international projects.

Her training at iMATUS leads to the future collaborative opportunities, highlighting the importance of international partnerships in advancing research.