UPDATED measures against the spread of COVID-19 infection in FunGlass Centre

(Valid from August 26th)

As the situation regarding COVID-19 in Slovakia is deteriorating, the director of the FunGlass center orders to follow these measures against the spread of infection in our workplace:

  1. Face masks must be worn in all common spaces (corridors, laboratories). You may remove the face mask in your office, if all your colleagues who share the office agree.
  2. Wash your hands regularly, and use the disinfectant solution provided at the corridors.
  3. Keep distance from your colleagues – 2 meters are considered safe.
  4. Allow for frequent ventilation of your workspace – open windows often in your office or in the laboratory where you work.
  5. Maximum 2 people working in 1 laboratory at the same time: the lab space reservation system will be prepared for you in Teams, so you can book your time in laboratory in advance.
  6. Report at least 1 week in advance to Daniela and Marcela ALL your travels abroad (also private), even to the countries, which are considered safe at the moment (green countries): the situation may change from one day to another, and they will keep you informed on any changes.
  7. After returning back from the countries, not considered safe (red countries – the list you can find at the website of the Office of public health (https://korona.gov.sk/en/) you must:
    • Register by filling the form provided at the website
    • Stay in quarantine (do not come back to work under any circumstances).
    • After at least 5 days after your return to Slovakia you must have your Covid test done.
    • Only if it is negative, you can come back to work.
  8. After returning back from the green countries, you are encouraged to do the same: will be appreciated your consideration and responsibility in this respect. If you decide to stay at home, you have 2 options:
    • Take a vacation
    • Contact your department head and ask him/her for home office, specifying the tasks you intend to do. In this case you must fill a worksheet on weekly basis and send it to your superior.

More information about COVID-19 situtation in Slovakia you can find here: Coronavirus in Slovakia