Three-week stay of students from  Masaryk University in Brno at FunGlass

During the end of June and early July, two students from Masaryk university in Brno, Department of Physical Electronics, supervised by doc. Jozef Ráheľ attended the three-week stay covered by the international project Interreg. Both, Martina Ilčíková and Barbora Pijáková study the PhD in Plasma physics (APPLIED PLASMOCHEMISTRY )

Main part of Martina´s expertise are design and optimization of devices generating nonthermal plasma that are used for modification of powdery materials. Resulting products are used as precursors for electrophoresis or composite materials additives. The theme of Barbora´s work is deposition of non-wettable layers. However, both students actively participate in experiments connected to plasmochemistry (modification of various materials, water activation), electrolysis (ceramic layers, superhydrophobic layers), chemical synthesis (phosphazene synthesis) and basic physical and chemical characterization of materials (tribology; chemical analysis – IR, EDX, MS, GC; SEM, CM; contact angle measurements).

The aim of the stay was to get new knowledge and skills in the field of glass and ceramics processing, mainly the preparation of spherical particles and 3D printing.