China business trip in the frame of the project APVV-SK-CN 21-0022

Recently, a team from FunGlass Centre, including Dr. Martin Michálek, Dr. Zulema Vargas, and Dr. Si Chen, undertook a significant journey to Nanjing Medical University in China as part of the APVV-SK-CN-21-0022 project. This visit marked the beginning of the first international cooperation project approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, led by Prof. Xu Yan from Nanjing Medical University and Director of Jiangsu Oral Translational Medicine Engineering Research Centre.

On the afternoon of September 19th, both teams engaged in fruitful academic exchange activities. The event drew over 60 participants, including Dr. Michálek and his team, Prof. Xu Yan, key representatives from the Engineering Centre, Research Office, and Teaching Office, as well as teachers and students from Nanjing Medical University.

Secretary Xu Yan warmly welcomed Dr. Michálek and his team and expressed the university’s eagerness to foster scientific and technological exchanges and strategic cooperation with Slovakia and the European Union. The goal is to advance clinical translation and the application of engineering technology, aligning them with clinical needs, thus contributing to the high-quality development of the Jiangsu Dental Translational Medicine Engineering Research Centre.

During this visit, Dr. Michálek delivered an informative presentation, providing insights into the history, ongoing initiatives, and research areas of FunGlass.

The following day, the FunGlass team visited the Engineering Center, where Dr. Si Chen delivered a lecture on “45S5 Bioactive Glass and Angiogenesis in Bone Regeneration,” discussing the synergistic effects of metal ions doped in 45S5 bioactive glass on angiogenesis in bone regeneration. Dr. Zulema Vargas presented her work on “Injectable Theranostic Platforms for Neurological Diseases,” showcasing recent advancements in the field and their application in crafting multifunctional hybrid systems. Each FunGlass presentation sparked in-depth discussions.

The visit also included tours of the Outpatient Clinic Complex and the Experimental Teaching Centre of the hospital.

This visit by FunGlass Research Centre scientists not only deepened communication but also fostered friendship between the two universities, setting a strong foundation for nurturing complex medical talents with a focus on “medical-industrial integration, proximity to clinical practice, and innovation.