FunGlass team at the Czech and Slovak Conference on Glass in Prague

 The Czech and Slovak Conference on Glass , held in Prague on 9–11 November 2022, is a traditional conference aimed at facilitating social and professional meetings between members of the Czech Glass Society and Slovak Glass Society and others interested in glass. Within its professional programme, it presented the main directions of glass research and development and provided a platform for communication between glassmakers from both academia and industry. The conference also included a joint programme with the Glass and Ceramics Industry Association to discuss current issues in industry and education.

FunGlass director of centre Prof. Dušan Galusek was in oganizing committee and Prof. Marek Liška was a member of Scientific board. FunGlass researchers and students participated with their lectures and posters:


  • Mokhtar Mahmoud – Innovative Dye Sorbent Based on 3D Printing of Pharmaceutical Glass Waste; Additive manufacturing of transparent and porous glass 3D structure
  • Akansha Mehta – Potential of Inorganic Polymer-Oriented glass from foams to photocatalytic destructors for water treatment applications


  • Branislav Hruška – Charakterizácia povrchu vzoriek historického skla / Surface characterization of historical glass samples 
  • Mária Chromčíková – Charakterizácia kremičitanových a forsforečňanových skiel pomocou termomechanickej analýzy / Characterization of silicate and phosphate glasses using thermomechanical analysis
  • Jozef Kraxner – Additive manufacturing of transparent and porous glass 3D structure 
  • Akansha Mehta – Upcycling of waste glasses in water treatment applications 
  • Jaroslava Michálková – Posilnenie a zefektívňovanie prepojenia Bielokarpatskej sklárskej základne s MSP 
  • Omid Sharifahmadian – Fabrication of robust hydrophobic carbon based film on glass substrate by Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)
  • Orhan Sisman – Rheological investigation on ZIF-62 derived glass by QCM-D 
  • Maryam Vakhshouri – Fabrication of Al2O3–Y3Al5O12–ZrO2 eutectic ceramic using spark plasma sintering 
  • Zulema Vargas Osorio – Magnetic hybrid composites based on bioactive glycerol-modified SBA-15 and SPIONs as theranostic tools