The cooperation between FunGlass and the University of Pardubice continues successfully

Cooperation between FunGlass and the University of Pardubice continues successfully. University of Pardubice –  Faculty of Chemical Technology– Department of Physical Chemistry was “home” of Assoc. Prof. Maria Chromčíková (FunGlass), where she worked during her training stay for a whole month. Assoc. Prof. Mária Chromčíková cooperated with Ing. Roman Svoboda, PhD. – expert in crystallization kinetics, specialist in enthalpy relaxation as well as expert in thermal methods.

During her stay, she also had a meeting with Prof. Zdeňek Černošek, the head of the Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry,   Faculty of Chemical Technology. They  discussed not only professional topics but also the cooperation between both institutions in the education and support of doctoral students within the national scholarship program of Slovak and Czech republic and thus enable them to take advantage of mobility stays at foreign workplaces.

According to the research plan, the stay was aimed to improve the competence of the researcher strengthened by the theoretical and practical potential in the field of thermal analysis and the study of crystallization kinetics related to the application in the glass industry. As part of the experimental work carried out during the project for industry, various vitrifying glasses were tested to improve their physico-chemical properties and thus obtain an overall mathematical-statistical summary with the possibility of further application of the obtained experimental-statistical outputs.