Teaming club meeting in Nikosia

The FunGlass director, prof. Galusek participated at the teaming club meeting, which took place from May 31 till June 1, 2018, at the premises of the Kios research centre in Nikosia, Cyprus. The whole event was organised and hosted by Kios teaming centre director prof. Marios Polycarpou. The Teaming club is a free association of all teaming centres, and serves as a platform for exchange of experience with building the teaming centres of excellence. This year the meeting agenda has been focused at the questions and problems related to autonomy and decision making, complementary funding, long term sustainability of the CoE, overall impact of the CoE on the Europena research ecosystem, HR Strategy of the CoE (personnel, recruitment), building and upgrade of research infrastructure, synergies with advanced partners. The next meeting is scheduled in May 2019 in Riga.