Successful completion of the VEGA research project “ Structure and properties of oxide glasses – thermodynamic models, entalpic and structural relaxation“

VEGA commission no. 3 for chemical sciences, chemical engineering and biotechnology assessed the results of the VEGA 2/0088/16 project and ranked it among the projects that achieved a significant results. Leader and coordinator during 4 years of the project was Assoc. Prof. Mária Chromčíková, PhD. from the department Vitrum Laugaricio (VILA).

Members of team: Prof. M. Liška, Dr. A. Prnová, Dr. J. Valúchová, Dr. Monika Michálková

In the field of basic and applied research of glass and glass melting, knowledge and quantification of the relationships between composition, structure and properties plays a crucial role. An effective tool for solving this problem is the so-called. thermodynamic modeling. In the thermodynamic model, oxide glass or glass melt is described as an equilibrium system composed of reaction products of individual oxides. Parameterization and validation of thermodynamic models is a major problem of thermodynamic modeling. The project has developed a validation method based on the use of advanced mathematical-statistical methods for the analysis of Raman spectra. This method successfully validated thermodynamic models of several glass forming systems. Thermodynamic models were subsequently used to study structural relaxation in the glass transition region.

The project also included significant cooperation with foreign partners – the Institute of Mineralogy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Urals Branch, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague and the University of Pardubice.

The achieved results were published in 11 journals with a high impact factor and were presented at foreign scientific conferences.

The most important publications are listed below:

  • Chromčíková, E. Gašpáreková, A. Černá, B. Hruška, M. Liška

Structural relaxation of lead and barium-free crystal glasses.

  1. Therm. Anal. Calorimetry 133, 371-377 (2018).

IF 2,471

  • Hruška, A.A. Osipov, L.M. Osipova, M. Chromčíková, A. Černá, M. Liška:

Thermodynamic model and high-temperature Raman spectra of 25Na2O.75B2O3 glassforming melts.

  1. Therm. Anal. Calorimetry 133, 429-433 (2018).

IF 2,471

  • Chromčíková, A.A. Osipov, L.M. Osipova, B Hruška, M. Liška, R. Svoboda

Thermodynamic model and high temperature Raman spectra of Na2O-B2O3 glass forming melts.

Journal of Alloys and Compounds – 700-705, 798 (2019).

IF 4,175