Successful collaboration between Funglass Centre and Limoges University, France

That´s pleasure for us to announce that our reasercher Dr. Germann Clavijo spent very fruitful April at University of Limoges. His cooperation had several dimensions and goals.

The content of his training was analyzing the influence of Atmospheric Plasma Spraying (APS) parameters on the physical-chemical properties of radiopaque bioactive glass coatings. This was a collaboration work under the framework agreement between A.Dubček University of Trenčín and Limoges University represented by the Biomaterials department from FunGlass, and the IRCER Laboratory from Limoges University. Furthermore, the performed experimental work was under the final work of the master student, Erwan Bussy under supervision of Dr. German ClavijoM.C. Laurene Youseff, and prof. Alain Denoirjean both from Limoges University.

During this period he also presented the talk entitled “Fabrication of bioactive glasses and other thermally sprayed ceramic coatings to be used in biomedical applications: An In-Lab strategies view” at the IRCER lab monthly seminar.

Finally, German was working on the fabrication of the coatings of novel thermal barrier coatings deposited by APS, a project led by Dr. Milan Parchovianský and Amirhossein Pakseresht from the FunGlass Coating department.

With these activities, we are looking to boost our collaborative efforts to reach further and bigger goals for both laboratories.

Great work, thank you all.