Slovak Science and Technology Week at FunGlass

On November 6th, 2019, within the Science and Technology Week, FunGlass center was visited by students from grammar school – Piaristické gymnázium Jozefa Braneckého. They heard a presentation about the FG center, and directly in the laboratories they have found interesting information on where glass and ceramics research are used (human health, energy saving, recycling, human heritage).”

Laboratory of chemical analysis / Dr. Hana Kaňková

Laboratory of spectral methods / Dr. Michal Žitňan

Laboratory of X-ray diffraction / Dr. Milan Parchovianský,  Dr. Ola Nowicka

Laboratory of thermal analysis/ Dr. Mária Chromčíková

Laboratory of electron microscopy / Dr. Peter Švančárek

Thanks to students as well as to our researchers!

P. Hošták / FunGlass presentation

P. Švančárek / Laboratory of electron microscopy

O. Nowicka / Laboratory of X-ray diffraction

M. Parchovianský / Laboratory of X-ray diffraction